At Syncronix Security we believe that alarm monitoring is an important key to providing a complete total and effective security system. With different options and transmission paths available not only can we provide a guarantee that a signal will get through, we are able to be the most competitive in the market.

Feel safe again knowing your premises is being monitored 24 hours 7 days a week, every day of the year by a Grade A1 central station. Until recently monitoring was the unseen expense that people don't want to pay for. Let's face it if you never set off your system or never stay back late you would never get a call and see your value for money, right! However it's easy to spend the same amount on pay TV each month because you can see what you're paying for. This has caused an influx of people trying to 'self-monitor' their homes and business which without realizing isn't going to help them when they're asleep or the phone is flat.

You can't effectively monitor your home or business from your mobile phone, And with the upgrade of many telephone exchanges and the new digital telephone lines being implemented in the newer estates you will find that the standard phone line is becoming incompatible with traditional alarm communicators not to mention it's easily defeated with a pair of scissors. At Syncronix we have taken this as a warning for things to come with the NBN on its way, and trialed other forms of technology utilizing IP Ethernet and GPRS transmission paths. In doing so we have partnered with the services of Optus one of the largest telecommunications carriers in Australia, Bens Monitoring and Suretek, two of the industry's largest suppliers of monitoring and redundancy solutions. This means that while you're out of reach or uncontactable in meetings or just cannot take a call, you know that the control room is taking care of the situation and implementing your actioning plan for your site.

A lot goes into a monitoring station besides from the physical bunker type construction to the multiple types of receiving equipment, redundancy, the storage and security of your data, but also the operators training and decision making and the ability to dispatch patrol or police services promptly.

We have different options available to be able to make this service obtainable for everyone, Why not try it out? For all new customers mention this page to your friendly sales person and take advantage of a free trial offer. Because after all your safety is the most important.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a free no-obligation quote appraisal for your premises. Call Now 1300 58 44 68 (opt 2)