Whether it's just a simple standalone 1 door system up to a multi storey access door and lift control with audit and user management software control solution, We can tailor the correct system for your requirements.

Using an access control system has many benefits, apart from the obvious restriction of doors and users based on time or the ability to run reports on key identifiers. It is also a way to issue out an electronic key to your staff, with the ability to disable the key quickly and easily should it be lost, without the cost and inconvenience of rekeying a whole master key system for your site.

  • Proximity readers
  • Magnetic Swipe readers
  • Encrypted Readers (high security format)
  • Biometric readers - finger scanner
  • Time and attendance - Bundy system
  • REX button - request to exit button to egress
  • REX sensor - request to exit PIR motion activated egress
  • Break glass egress - allows egress through a secure door in an emergency
  • Interlocking doors
  • Lift control - floors and lift car
  • Restricted access through doors based on certain times or days and or the status of an alarm condition

Access Control

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